There Will Be No Newspapers or Chocolates at the Post Office


In these days, Magyar Posta’s newspaper business is notifying the publishers one by one: “due to the rationalization of operations, the sale of newspapers in the postal network will be discontinued on May 31st, 2023,” Magyar Hang has learned.

This means that it will not be possible to buy newspapers at the post office from June 1st. The paper knows that the postal shops will also close, which means that you will not be able to buy chocolate or other products there, they will focus exclusively on traditional postal services.

According to Magyar Hang, the decision will stop the sale of newspapers at 546 post offices, and more than 600 types of newspapers were sold at these locations. As the paper knows, tens of thousands of different press products were sold at the post office every week, so the Hungarian press’s sales opportunities will be significantly reduced from June.

The paper only found data from 2019 about how much money newspaper distribution brought to the Hungarian Post: at that time, they had HUF 8.6 billion in revenue from this area. On the website of the Hungarian Post, they write that they have been carrying out such activities for more than fifty years with outstanding professional experience. The state-owned company stopped delivering daily newspapers from July 2021, since then the task has been taken over by a company belonging to Médiaworks, which brings together the pro-government press.

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