Petrol Gets More Expensive, Diesel Will Be Cheaper From Friday


Domestic fuel prices will change significantly, however in different ways, in the second half of the week, reports

In the case of petrol, the wholesale price per liter will increase by HUF 7 gross, while in the case of diesel, we can expect lower prices following the HUF 6 gross wholesale price drop.

In terms of average prices, we can expect the following from Friday:

95 petrol: HUF 650/liter

diesel: HUF 647/liter

The price of gasoline also rose on Wednesday, although not by much, only by HUF two. The portal draws attention to the fact that, as a result of the weekend events in the Middle East, there is a serious chance that oil prices will rise in the short term, and thus domestic fuel prices as well. As they write, the longer-term consequences will depend on how Israel and the West respond to Iran’s military action.

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