Police caught robbers within 8 minutes

Local News Police

Debrecen Police received a notification that two older boys took a mobile phone from a 13 years-old boy at the Erzsebet
street bus stop on 14th of May.

City patrols rushed to the site and started action on the basis of the portrait of the perpetrators (one of them
wore an orange colour striped T-shirt, the other one a green T-shirt.)
Police action on site was not successful, but they started to review nearby pubs, grocery stores.
Inside a pub of Kulsovasarter street they saw a man wearing orange colour shirt matching the description
and asked him and his friendto go out into the street and carry out the ID check.
The boys stated that they had no phones, but officers found the black colour NOKIA cellphone in their
The city police is investigating in a robbery case of the 16 and 17 years old Hajduhadhaz residents.

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