Stolen handicapped parking permits

Local News Police

Local police`s Vehicle Subclass carried out successful action. They identified the man who broke into several cars to have the handicapped parking permits in downtown Debrecen.He later sold these cards for a couple of thousand Huf.

Police received several notifications between November 2009 and April 2010 that handicapped parking permits has been stolen from parking cars of Hajo, Bethlen, Varga, Gorgey and Rozsahegy streets.

Debrecen police has organized action to find and arrest the offender avoiding further offences. They have repeatedly checked the parking cars and found stolen permit inside a car in Dosa Nador square. The owner told officers that she/he bought the card from a young local man. Another case led to the same result.

Police asks to call or report Debrecen Police if you knew the 25 years old Attila Buglyo calling the 107 or 112 numbers or in person at the 4. Budai Ezsaias street Police Headquarters.
Police Press Release:

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