Night of Museums

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Most of the museums in Hungary are open tonight. In each city there are the same ticket price: 1300 for adults, 600 for children. Three museums and Modem are waiting for the visitors in Debrecen. There will be concerts and games too.

Museum of the Reformed College
16. Kalvin square, Debrecen

5pm – 2am: – The 270 years old Kantus (College Choir), Great Library
– Rozsa Ignacz memorial exhibition
– El camino – pictures of a pilgrimage
(photo exhibition of Tamas Istvan Kocsis)
– "gerundium" exercises in the yard of the College
– Toga trial in the yard of the College
– Museum tours
– 1st Child`s corner – plaster casting, pot making

6pm – 2am: – Animal tales (local artists graphic exhibition in Csokonai room
6pm – 9pm: – 2nd Child`s corner -graphic art techniques, playing with the audience
7pm – 7:40pm: Organ concert in Oratory
7pm – 9pm: – Ballon Clown

8pm – 8:45pm: – Guided tour by the Choir
8pm – 2am: – "Owl`s castle" children programmes on the second floor
8:30pm – 9:30pm: – experiments of prof Hatvani
9:30pm – 10:15pm: – organ concert in Oratory
9pm – 10pm: – concert of the Kuttya orchestra
9pm – 11pm: – Potter`s wheeloutside oratory
10pm – 11:30pm: concert of the Dr Valter Blues Society

Permanent exhibitions available on the night of museum:
– exhibition ofCollege history
– exhibition of religious arts
– Oratory

– Great Library

Deri Museum – Deri square

5pm – 6pm: "Carnival atmosphere"
performance of the dance group of the Ferenc Medgyessy High School
and School of Arts
6pm – 7pm: Winged dragons: St. Georg and the Dragons
7pm – 8pm: "Hangtapasz" concert
8pm – 8:30pm: Winged Dragons
8:30pm – 9:30pm: Midsummer`s Night Fire Lighting and show of the Hajdu
Dance Ensemble

Deri Museum – Hall

5pm – 6:30pm: Midsummer`s Night (film)
7pm – 7:30pm: Award ceremony of the mask making competition
8pm – 9:30pm: Jozef and Karel Capek: The game of fatal love /presented by
the Lajos Soltis Theatre
10pm – 11pm: Artur Vranyecz`s reading theatre
Shakespeare`s Midsummer Night`s Dream
11pm – midnight: Dr Maria Vajda`s presentation
midnight – 2am: Midsummer`s Night (film)

Szabo Magda Cafe offers refreshment drinksfor the thirsty visitors.

Deri Museum – Dome Hall

5500 years old masks exhibition
5pm – 5:30pm: Dr Tunde Horvath`s presentation about the masks for children
7pm – 2am: Films

Deri Museum – Munkacsy Hall

6pm – 6:30pm: Csaba Beke lute artist`s lecture for kids
9:30pm – 10pm: Csaba Beke`s lecture for adults

Deri Museum – Archaeological Room

4pm – 6:30pm: Museum pedagogical session for children
9pm – 9:30pm: Dr Tunde Horvath`s presentation of the 5500years old masks
midnight – 0:30am: Dr Tunde Horvath`s presentation of the 5500years old masks

Deri Museum – Lajos Zoltai Hall

6:30pm – 7pm: guide with Csaba Skultity and Andrea Benko
7pm – 7:30pm: Perro Negro concert
7:30pm – 8pm: Fiume in 1918-19. Robert Barta`s presentation
8pm – 8:30pm: Perro Negro concert
8:30pm – 9pm: Robert Kerepeszki`s lecture about Fiume and the Hungarian
revisionist efforts between the two world wars
9pm – 9:30pm: Perro Negro concert

Ferenc Medgyessy Memorial Museum

The teachers and students of Medgyessy High School will provide

"Csarda" atmosphere. Zoltan Gencsi will hold a lecture and an extraordinary guide, and there will be an award ceremony.
MODEM (Kölcsey Center)
Dezs? Baltazár square 1.
Special "guest": Paul Gauguin – Landscape with black pigs
Guided tours at the exhibitions: Genesis project, The other Csinszka, The rithm of being. Concerts by Lyuhász Lyácint bt, a Suburban Neon, MNM Trió, Maszkura and Tücsökraj.

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