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There will be changes in the local transport during this summer. The timetable is going to change in July and the monthly tickets expects changes in August.

The local public transport company announced on a July 1 press conference that theymaking changes in the local timetables.
In morning rush hours there will be more buses and trolleybuses to reduce overcrowding but some of the lines will disappear.
Debrecen-Jozsa – Dobozi area bus line buses /34, 35Y, 36/ will terminate at Segner square from July 5. From there two new trolley-bus lines will be available using the existing overhead trolley system. The 2D trolley will head towards the Railway station while the number 4 will run via Kossuth street.
The changes will not affect the 14, 16, 18, 18Y, 26, 26Y, 39, 44, 44Y bus lines.
The new timetable is available on website or in paperback version at Malompark II. DKV customer services,Petofi square ticket office, Segner square and Doberdo street from 5th of July.

The company returns to the old system, means the 30 days tickets will not be available any longer. The new/old monthly ticket will be valid from the first day of the month till the fifth day of the next month.

Additional tickets: the long distance Volan ticket holders will be able to purchase additional local monthly tickets in discount prices. 1000 Huf will be the price of a worker monthly tram-trolley bus ticket.
To buy a workers bus pass you have to pay 2000 Huf.
Students can purchase a combined monthly additional pass paying 2200 Huf.

Surcharge: they will reduce the amount the passengers have to pay travelling without a valid ticket or monthly pass. The on site surcharge will be 2000 Huf and within 5 days 4000 Huf you have to pay.

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