The debt of Debrecen is 23 billion HUF

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Debrecen has 23 billion HUF debt but still attractive to investors and spends quite a lot for social relief. The disadvantage is that Debrecen took a lot of credit during the last couple of years.

Debrecen is the fourth among the Hungarian municipalities.
The first on the list with 36 billion Huf debt is the city of Pecs. Szolnok and Kaposvar have more debt than Debrecen. Each local citizen has 100 000 Huf debt.
Zoltan Pajna, deputy mayor of economic affairs said that the debt of the city declined between 1998 and 2006.
In recent years however almost tripled the amount. This is because the government dramatically declined the state aid to perform their tasks. The city had to spend more on investments.
The city`s assests reaching more than 300 billion Huf, this compared to the 23 billion Huf debt it is seems to bea foundable amount.

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