Five burglaries, a stolen truck and a damaged car

Local News Police

Burglary division of Debrecen Police arrested a 32 years-old Hajdusamson resident who was placed into a pre-trial custody in the middle of June 2010.

He is suspect of committing 5 burglaries, damaging and burning of a car and stealing a truck.
Police patrols surprised him in the act of burglary in a club of Otemeto street. There he crashed the cash register with an axe but failed to have the money because the arriving policemen. Earlier he also tried to stole a
parking car from the yard of the club. He pushed out the vehicle to the street and tried to start its engine connecting the wires and when he realized thet he will not succeed he set the seats alight.
A few days earlier he stole a truck (machines and tools on it) from a yard of a Szikigyakor street company. He took cash, money, tobacco products and candy from a Matyas kiraly street grocery store and from a Samsoni street pub.

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