Eco-attitude in high school

Local News University

Environmental awareness and attitudes – that is the purpose of the University of Debrecen`s the latest program. The project will reach hundreds of students of six high schools around the county.

But not only the students targeted.Through to students the organizers want to reach more people to more widely spread the environmentally conscious behavior.

Istvan Kovacs, director of the Kossuth High School says thattheleadership of the school considervery important to teach students to made them aware of the environment.

Therefore, Kossuth High Schoolis working together withfive high schools to back the EU project aimed at spreading environmental friendly behavior. The program reach 70 high school classes with the help of the University of Debrecen.

With the help of these trainingsthe studentscan learnfrom theconcept of nature to the healthy lifestyle. The program is not only get to secondary school students. The 12 topics of the projectwill be broadcastedin regular intervals in the local tv. The participants will receive these short films.

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