The mother of four killed the 45 years old man

Local News Police

The woman committed the murder with particular cruelty. Killing the 45 years old man cost her 10 years imprisonment.The Court of Appeal in Debrecen sentenced the woman who was 34 years old at the time of the offense.

Anita Lakatos and his family (spouse, four children anda grandchild) lived in Biharnagybajom.
The 45 years old victim lived in the same village, and kept regular contact withthe accused`s family. He was drinking regularly together the accused`s parents. At the time of the offense ( not the first time) the victim made remarks about the woman’s juvenilr daughter that how beutiful and pretty the girl is so the accused told him several occasions to leave her daughter alone.
The victim also made a bid to establish a sexual contact with her.
Then hassling in the yard of the house then the defendant picked up a knife during a scuffle and stabbed the man several times, who died within minutes.

The Court of Appeal did not accept the argument of thecounsel of the accused: that she stabbedin a self defence situation and also that her action had been followed by strong emotion.

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