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Pharmacists from Debrecen and Arad starting a cross-border program which will work on to produce a new medicine from the widely used herbal Sylibum marianum (Milk thistle). They won 383 000 Euros to work on this project.

The winning project is aimed on to assessing the impact of hepatoprotective
active ingredients and pharmaceutical development. The first phase of the
cooperation going to be the collection of the herbal from Arad area.
They have to find the active substances contained for further definition and characterization. This will be followed by the encapsulation of active substances and the molecular absorption. The last phase will be the development of a new pharmaceutical following the examination of active substances inside the herbs and the hepatoprotective effects on various experimental models.
The University Vasile Goldis of Arad cooperating with the Pharmaceutical
Technology Department and the Faculty of Applied Chemistry of the University of Debrecen won 383 000 Euros in the Hungarian National Development Agency`s Hungary-Romania Cross-border cooperation programs.

Milk thistle`s (Silybum marianum) sylibin eliminates or reduces the effects
liver disease, liver necrosis and poisoning.
The sylibin “detoxify” the liver, and promotes regeneration. The tincture also used in serious liver poisoning.

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