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Following the decades long tradition this year the main building of the University of Debrecen will be the home of the Freshman Ball. The location, the eye-catching decoration and the carnival atmosphere ensures that the evening will be a memory forever.

The ball opening is the Opening Dance of the first-year students later the appropriate atmosphere will be ensured by high quality live music (classical and modern music free from any playback).
Date of the Ball: NOVEMBER 06, 2010. SATURDAY Doors opening: 19.00 Opening Dance: 20.30
During the evening there going to be a "beauty of the ball" and a "nicest couple" contest and the pictures of the candidates will be projected. There is a discount reservation opportunity for group of friends, families etc..
The table reservation does not include food, who also wants to eat can do it on the third floor in a buffet system with unlimited food and drinks. For this reception a separate ticket is required.
The organizers provide a variety of ticket options. The cheapest will be for the first-year students. The students and workers of the University of Debrecen will be able to buy tickets on a discount price and they can also take one or two guests with them cheaper.
Tickets available from: Oct 27, 2010 Tickets available at: III. Markusovszky College, Student Center (Secretary: Victoria Szucs and Timea Veres, ground floor office) or from the student representatives in person or by telephone 06 52/ 532 203.
One week before the ball their will be other places to set for ticket buyers several points of the campus. Ticket prices (per person) o Freshman: 2000 HUF o
Students DE: 2500 HUF o
Escort: 3000 HUF (max 2 per person) o
Outsiders: 5000 HUF o
On Site: 7000 HUF o
Student Reception (unlimited warm dishes for example stuffed cabbage, beef stew, various fried meats, salads, desserts, fruits, soft drinks, mineral water, fruit juice, beer, wine – routing requirements): 4500 HUF
o Table Reservation: 2800 HUF / table for 4
The Great Forest Beauty Salon (near the Dorm no 3) supported by the Student Center of the Medicine Students of The University of Debrecen started an advertising campaign!Anyone who shows up the prom invitation to the salon staff will get a 50% discount from a casual makeup, manicure or haircut. You can apply by phone calling 06 52/255-466 or in person at the salon.

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