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The Council of the Medical and Health Science Centre of the UD gave the Istvan went Medal to Pal Gergely, university teacher, academician, prof of chemistry, Director of the Institute of Medical Chemistry for his prominent high quality scientific works and achievements as a teacher, researcher and head of institute. Akos Horvath received the Gyula Elischer Medal for his medical, educational and scientific work. The medals were handed over to the recipients by Gyorgy Paragh, prof
President of the Centrum on 29th of October.

Dr. Pal Gergely received his chemistry degree at Kossuth Lajos University in 1970.
After graduation he started to work at the Institute of Medical Chemistry. Since 2000 he works as a director of the Medical and Health Science Center of the University of Debrecen and later was the scientific deputy of the President of the Centrum. From 2000 he is the President of the Council of Graduate Medical School. In 2004 he became a full member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The domestic and international collaboration and publishing activities of the school is well known and respected in the world`s leading laboratories. Professor Gergely Pal is a key figure in the Hungarian biochemistry.

Dr. Akos Horvath received his general medical degree at the Semmelweis Medical University with "summa cum laude "qualification in 1968. From 2001 till 2009 he was the head of the Faculty of Radiotherapy. He set up an Oncology Advisory Board helping the healing work. Now the local radiation therapy center is among the bests in Hungary. he was among the firsts in Hungary who introduced a number of new chemo-radiotherapy treatments. His scientific work in the diagnosis and treatment of lung tumors and in almost every other area includes modern radiotherapy.
He is a pioneer in treatment stereotaxis in Hungary.

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