Night public transport in Debrecen

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We want public transports at night! This is a Facebook group on the well known community portal which has almost 2500 signatories.

The last tram starts at 11pm from Nagyallomas and first buses and trams just available from 5am. Between these hours you can walk, take a taxi or drive your own car. Many people asks from time to time that the country`s second largest city has to live without night public transport.

One of the loval Tv stations asked Istvan Nyikos, service Director of local public transport company about it. He told us that the DKV has already tried to start night flights such as the last August 20, or four weekends in 2003. But except August 20 was a very low interest for the service, less than 300 tickets had been sold for these flights.
The night flight is not only means that a few bus or tram continues to run after midnight.
The company has to hire special night staff: controllers, drivers etc. This is costly too, because thewy have to pay higher wages for the night staff. A future survey will show whether it is worth considering the introduction of public transport at night.

The city assembly has the right to decide to start such kind of service.

Laszlo Varga added that after the evaluation of the forthcoming survey officials will see how big is the demand for night public transport.
If you support this movement than you can join the above mentioned group here:

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