Construction industry in trouble

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The situation is worse than they expected in the construction industry. Number of orders dropped by more than 40% this year. Manufacturers of building materials initiated big price cuts to ease the pressure. The prices dropped to the end of the `90s level in Hungary.

Today, fewer and fewer dare to begin construction, compared to last year the number of orders dropped by 40 percent. This is the reason why there is a big trouble in the construction industry. Contractors say they did not believe that such a bad situation could be due to the economic crisis.

Warehouses are full with goods but it is very rare that they sell something. Companies issue more cheaper products to fight the crisis but it did not help the sales.But given the raw materials, more and cheaper products. There was a company which reduced prices by 40%, but it did not help sales.

Manufacturers, traders and contractors say that the constructions projected to be even more difficult next year. Only marginally improve they see in the market situation. The only solution would be the re-designs of the home loan programmes.

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