More Than Forty Cancer Patients Could Not Be Treated at the Veszprém Hospital Because the IT System Failed


The IT system collapsed at the hospital in Veszprém, so the cancer patients did not receive their treatment – the news appeared on ATV in the early afternoon on Tuesday.

According to the information received by the TV channel, the IT system at the oncology department of the Veszprém hospital collapsed due to technical reasons, which prevented doctors from treating their patients last week. The wife of a patient who was treated there spoke to the channel. She said that her husband was supposed to take part in his seventh chemotherapy treatment on the first day of the month, but the doctor told them that he would not be able to start the treatment again until two weeks later. According to them, 80-100 patients besides them came for treatment that day. The press contacted the Csolnoky Ferenc Hospital in Veszprém County to see if they could confirm ATV’s information, and if so, what caused the system to crash, and whether the problem still exists. In its response, the institution announced that:

“Due to a temporary failure of the IT system of the Veszprém County Csolnoky Ferenc Hospital, the therapeutic treatment of some patients had to be rescheduled on February 1st, 2024. After eliminating the malfunction, which was eliminated within half a day, the staff of the institution immediately started making new appointments. Due to troubleshooting, 41 oncology patients had to be given new appointments, and those affected will receive care within 7-14 days. The treatment of oncology patients is uninterrupted at the Csolnoky Ferenc Hospital in Veszprém Vármegyei. The institution apologizes to its patients for the inconvenience.”


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