Rainfall and Showers Expected for Days


The polar vortex still directly controls the northern hemisphere, including the weather in our country. After last week’s “breakup” the polar front is starting to strengthen, the strong stratospheric winds are racing over our region, the tangible consequences of which we can experience in the days ahead. The flow will turn more westerly, and heavy amounts of precipitation will arrive in two waves, accompanied by strong winds.

The sunny, mostly calm weather interspersed with passing clouds will continue until Friday with some precipitation in some places, the weather will also warm up a bit, after Tuesday’s peaks of 10-14 degrees, we can already measure 10-18 degrees on Friday. However, our feeling of heat will remain well below this, because the wind will get stronger already on Wednesday, and from Thursday, especially in Transdanubia, it may be accompanied by stormy gusts.

Then on Friday, the southern part of a more serious cyclone will reach our country, and the rain will come, which will last on Saturday as well. And on Sunday, February 25th, a Mediterranean cyclone will arrive, which will bring more rains lasting three days. In the last week of the month, 35-50 millimeters of precipitation is expected in the northern and western parts of the country, and 5-20 millimeters in the Great Plain. The monthly average for February in Hungary is 30-40 mm.

The latter cyclone will bring even more rain south of us, 300 mm of precipitation is expected in some places in the Balkans, 200-250 in Slovenia, and 200 mm in the Italian and French Alps. In Hungary, following the fronts, a strong temperature contrast develops, with maximums of only 8 degrees in the west, and up to 18 degrees in the east, and strong winds throughout. As for the continuation, another rain is coming at the corner of the Mediterranean cyclone, based on the current data, we can expect the March precipitation average already in the first days of spring.




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