The northern lights could also be seen from Hungary on Friday night


On Friday, earlier than indicated, already in the early evening hours, the wind from the solar flares of the past few days reached our planet. The unusually strong storm also brought a spectacular celestial phenomenon: the aurora borealis.

After midnight, the aurora borealis not only weakened, but even strengthened, according to Időkép. In the north, the green color also appeared alongside the dominant pinkish-purple shade. The green shade is even rarer than pink in Hungary. While the reddish, pinkish hue is formed at an altitude of more than 300 kilometers, the green color of the aurora is formed at a lower altitude, usually between 100 and 300 kilometers in the Earth’s atmosphere. This color is created when oxygen atoms interact with charged particles from the Sun. The green color can therefore appear in the sky of our country in the case of very strong geomagnetic storms similar to the current one.

The webcam in the Szent István Lookout in Doba also took a photo of the phenomenon:

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