Student From Encs Wanted to Rape His Classmate in the Classroom


The Miskolc District Court ordered the arrest of the juvenile who tried to rape a girl during the Encs school celebration; the boy is suspected of sexual violence and violation of personal freedom, the Miskolc Court announced on Saturday.

It was written that the juvenile suspect lured a classmate, a minor girl, into a classroom at the Encs Elementary School on March 13th, after their sixth lesson, while the March 15th celebration was taking place in the hall.

The boy grabbed the victim’s neck, held her hands, then pulled down her pants and forced a sexual act on her. As sounds filtered in from the corridor, he gave up his violent act and left the classroom, but kept the door closed from the outside so that the victim could not leave. The girl then shouted for help, which was heard by one of her classmates who went looking for her in the corridor and warned the suspect to let the victim out. As a result of the abuse, the girl suffered injuries that healed within eight days, they wrote. They added that, if proven, the act may be suitable for the offense of harming a person under the age of 18, sexual violence committed by force and the violation of the personal freedom of a person under the age of 18, the violation of which was committed for a nefarious reason.

According to the court, the severity of the punishment can be taken into account in the event that the suspect escapes, hides, and if he is released, he would intimidate or try to influence the witness, therefore the juvenile was ordered to be detained for one month, which must be carried out in a correctional institution. The order is final.

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