Bank robber arrested


Man wearing ski-mask wanted to rob the local Hajdútakarék Bank of Mikepércs at 9 o’clock today.
The staff couldn’t give him money because the safe had time lock. The robber took a few tenthousands forints from the desk and run away.

The police set up checkpoints immediately the announcement. The fugitive robber saw the local police officers in the suburbs of Hajdúszoboszló. He wanted to escape on a cart-road but they catched him. Stolen money and a shotgun was found in the car of the 36 years old man who is originally from Kisújszállás.
The man is in prison and the interrogation is in progress.

The police is investigating if there is a connection between the aressted man and the robbery commited in the same bank on 18th of November 2009.