Accidents in Debrecen between 18/01/2010 – 24/01/2010


There were 6 traffic accidents causing property damage, 3 accidents with serious and 2 with light injuries. A total of 8 people injured in these accidents 6 person injured lightly and 2 seriously. The inappropriate use of speed, and the driving against the road and visibility conditions caused the accidents.

Three pedestrians suffered accidents. One of them crossed the road outside the designated crossing when she was hit by a car. Fortunately she lightly injured.
The other two crossed using the designated crossing point, one seriously the other one lightly injured.
A driver seriously injured because he did not use the seat belt and hit the steering-wheel with his head. He fractured his nose.
A motorbike rider was seriously injured when he slipped and fell on an icy road.
A driver wanted to avoid the police control and he tried to push down a car from the road, when he failedit he tried toleave the scene by foot. He confessed that he used drugs.
Police investigation continues…