A man died after drinking antifreeze


7:43 a.m on the 26th of January: the telephone operator of the County Police received a phone call from the Ambulance Headquarters that they had transported an unconscious man to the Kenézy Gyula Hospital, from Sámsonkert area.

Officers from Nyíradony Police station appeared in the man’s apartment and found 2 men and a woman. They found them ina condition complaining of serious pain.The three people told the officers that last night a man brought them a bottle of spirits, which they consumed together. Later they had to call an ambulance because one of them felt severe pain. In the Kenézy Hospital doctors carried out medical examination and found symptoms of poisoning. Others were delivered to the hospital with the same symptoms.
Police found the man who gave them the bottle. He told them that he found the drinks in a dumpster. He also complained of sickness sohe and another 4 Sámsonkert residents were transported to hospital.

Officers seized the 1litre green colour bottle with its visible label showing containing spirits.. They had fully consumed its content. After toxicological tests they found out that antifreeze liquid was in the bottle.
The man who was delivered first to the hospital diedin poisoning at 3pm. One person is in stable condition because he consumed less from the antifreeze liquid, other 7 are in serious life threatening condition receiving kidney dialysis treatment, questioning will not be possible within a couple of days. Criminal Department of Hajdúhadház police investigating…

Police asks the public that eating food and drinking beverages from unknown sources can be harmful, causing death in worth cases.