DVSC signed a four-year agreement with Etogo Essama


After Yannick Mbengono another Cameroonian striker can prove in the city’s football team. The 21 years old and 187cm tall player scored three times proving his talent on the last couple of weeks training matches.

"From today Etogo Essama is a DVSC-TEVA player. We signed a four year contract with the striker."
announced Csaba Bartha sport-executive.
"We are happy to manage finding a young player with good physical conditions, who showed very good result on various surveys. Previously he played inlower classItalian teams and showed his talent in the last couple of weeks playing with our team, so he worth to have a long-term contract with us. He can be a man of the future becoming an excellent player."
Csaba Bartha informed the press, that 3 players went home after the probation period, and the french-portugese Antony Robic will not be a DVSC-TEVA player.
"Last night his manager phoned us apologized and told that Robic will not be able toplayfor Debrecen and sign a contract because of family reason. We do not know what is in the background of this, we regret because he is a talented player. So the two nigerians and one tunisian players returned home. Currently the Romanian Alexandru Gego is on probation time with us and the next weeks we expecting another one or two players."