Day of connections for the fifth time


The Medical Centre of the University of Debrecen is one of the best institution in Hungary.
This year message is: “From dreams to realization on the bridge of tenders”.

The clinics and the directors of the institutions dreamed options, possibilities which can create remarkable institutions for the 21st century. However to achieve the dreams money is also required, even if all the big projects have the backing of the EU funds. Large investments like the Augusta Programme cost a 28 billion forints.

One of the main lecture of the centre"s connection dayis about the tenders of the New Hungary Development Council in 2010.

Another important programme for the leaders of institutions to meet with the regions Brussels representatives discussing the future trends and opportunities.

They will also meet with those partners who participate in the centre"s educational and medical programmes.
The centre together with the other Departments of the University launched a language learning programme, which enable participants to reach a higher level to transfer knowledge in foreign languages.

The US examination board -the first and only in Debrecen outside the US- organizes related trainings.

One of the Financial Times magazines published the rankings of regions and cities within the EU, how they can attract investments into the infrastructure and human resource development. The Northern Great Plains Region is on the first place in Central and Eastern Europe.

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